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Latest video updates about Coronavirus. Watch this “Turkey enters strict lockdown as COVID cases soar | DW News” video below:

As coronavirus cases and deaths soar, Turkey has entered a full lockdown: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has instructed people to stay home for nearly three weeks,…..(read more)

Alternate Health Remedies

Alternate Health Remedies

Turkey enters strict lockdown as COVID cases soar | DW News

As coronavirus cases and deaths soar, Turkey has entered a full lockdown: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has instructed people to stay home for nearly three weeks, from 28.04. 7 p.m. until May 17 5 a.m., and shut down all non-essential businesses as part of the country's strictest COVID-19 measures yet. Residents will only be allowed to go outside for grocery shopping and other essential needs, while intercity travel will be restricted. With currently about 40,000 new cases per day Turkey is among the worst affected countries in the world.  DW correspondent Julia Hahn reports from Istanbul.
Shortly before the new lockdown came into effect, the streets and shops were full again. 
Above all, alcohol was in great demand, because from now on there is a ban on sales.
It is not the first coronavirus curfew in Turkey, but the strictest one so far. 
Most of public life is supposed to come to a standstill for two and a half weeks. But many people are wondering how they will get through this time as they cannot hope for any financial aid.
Especially in the poorer neighborhoods of Istanbul, many are worried.
For example, only a few have permanent jobs in Tarlabası. Most of them make a living as day laborers or trash collectors.
Critics of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan say he hesitated too long, which made the situation worse. Although Turkey has the highest number of daily new infections in Europe,  Erdogan held several party congresses with thousands of members of his ruling AKP in March. 
A few days ago, he pulled the emergency brake.
A small sacrifice - says the President - for a greater goal: In about two weeks, at the end of Ramadan, Turkey will emerge from its lockdown - hoping that its latest crisis is under control.


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