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Latest video updates related to Coronavirus. Check out this “India's COVID task force pushes for nationwide lockdown as deaths mount | DW News” video below:

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Alternate Health Remedies

Alternate Health Remedies

India's COVID task force pushes for nationwide lockdown as deaths mount | DW News

Scientists in India are accusing the government of ignoring warnings of new, more dangerous variants of the coronavirus. A forum of advisers says ministers failed to impose large-scale restrictions despite the alert in March. Mass political and religious rallies have since been cited as 'super-spreader' events. A second wave of COVID-19 has left India battling record numbers of deaths and infections.
India is struggling - as the pandemic's second wave crashes over the country
Death and desperation are spreading. So too is fear that government can’t stem the surge and end India’s suffering. 
In just one example, 12 Covid-19 patients, including a doctor, died this weekend when a hospital in the capital ran out of oxygen supply for nearly an hour and a half. 
A court in Delhi says it will start punishing government officials for failing to deliver life-saving items. But it's impossible to give what is not yet available. The international community spent the weekend sending supplies. 
Grieving loved ones and scientists blame elected officials for the worsening situation. They accuse state and federal governments of ignoring medical advice and warnings about variants. 
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ruling Hindu nationalist party may be paying the price for their handling of the virus. They suffered an upset in West Bengal and failed to make gains in two other key state elections. 
A sign that Modi's political strength may be slipping as the pandemic tightens its grip.


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